• Working Together, Partnering for Success in the Era of Convergence:T Contractors Out in the Cold, but IT Staff Jobs Held Safe

Working Together in SP'W: Partnering for Success in the Era of Convergence

To help make these new partnerships a reality, SELNIX™ has formed the SP'sW, a partner program that brings together SMEs in the telecommunications, consumer electronics and media industries. Its goal is to drive market leadership of integrated solutions and services developed by SELNIX™ and its global partners.


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    When We Meet in the Web: Web 2.0 and Community

         Dear Valued Customers, Partners and Friends
  • Every morning, I takes a walk over twenty minute from my home to get to the office. When I move on the highway, not only me but all the other people are standing in almost the same place, almost at the same time. Sometimes when I meet friends, I say 'Hi!'. Not just for me, all the other people do this like me. Well, most of them are, I will be too for years.
  • So why i brings you out here?
  • This could say that we share the same activity (almost at the same place, at the same time) and we all share a common interest “to get there in the morning”. So in that sense we are a kind of social network, we just need the means to communicate with each other and organize our efforts to achieve a common goal. So, if there is a need, there is an opportunity.
  • Internet is free in mind and spirit, and aware we too may communicate, meet together in her with this idea. Internet make eaier & faster communication, sharing idea and feeling than before. The nature of the internet is so global that peoples globally encounter via Social Media tools - like Twitter, Cyworld, Facebook, Skype- friends, colleagues, co-worker and feel friendship, a fellow feeling.
  • One of the great strengths of social networking is the idea that sharing feels good. Social Media encourages and supports people to help others. People that are not part of the formal organization will spend inordinate amounts of time to help others in real time. Peoples are able to help Peoples, so that we can build our -small or Big-community wisely, share good feeling.
  • Web change business environment , too.
  • Compnies are closing the gap and reducing the supply chain thorough a Social Media tools . Companies are starting to take advantage of Twitter, Cyworld, Facebook, Skype in particular to provide a better customer experience.They, using them, are progressing a plan to place importance on raising its own brand image and stressing that it`s a valuable chance to close the gap on trying to create a 1:1 relationship. This can be simple change for someone. But sometimes, simple things have made a huge difference for us. How would Web Business change in the near future, indeed? What, if there are any changes, happen in her?
  • Claudio said that "The business of combining old with new is complex, and requires out-of-the-box thinking" on their web site.
  • Yes, It is never easy to please both sides.
  •      With Compliments
  •             Your True Friend SELNIX

  •        Kim Kyeong-Hwan
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