SELNIX CO.,LTD is a mobile components development company which was established on August 11, 2004.
Our company aims to achieve more convenience for our customers by developing higher technology skills based on our 'Easy and Easier Electronics' slogan.
Now, the world is looking at a paradigm of new technology. Not only a variety of different products, but also inbuilt complexity is at the center of this new technology paradigm. Our company applies a priority on customers' convenience rather than the new technology paradigm based on our 'Easy and Simple Electronics' concept.
In the future, customers' convenience will be even more important than nowadays.  We will implement an 'Easy and Warm Electronics' concept in our products, concentrating on the fact that our customers are human beings. These products will be developed when people's convenience is the main priority.
Over the past two years, we have strived one step at a time to develop customers' best products. Please continue to support and encourage us.
We will provide you with the best products.

         SELNIX CEO/President, SP'W Chief Editor/President

                                              Kim Kyeong-Hwan