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Establish SungHan Electronics

The New Device Patent is Granted (10-2004-0096866)

Unicap-4 Mobile PLUS (+) -Selected for New Technology Industry Feasibility Evaluation

- the Small & Medium Business Administration

Selected for Excellent Products in the Prior-Patented Products Expo-Seoul COEX

Multifunction Earphone' Joint Development with SkySpring and VitelCom Co., LTD

-'Unicap-4 Mobile PLUS (+), European Aspect

Unicap-3 Mobile PLUS (+)' is Selected as the SMB Excellent Product in Korea

SungHan Electronics incorporates to SELNIX. CO., LTD

Take ISO9001

'Unicap-3 Mobile PLUS (+)' secure K mark

Establish Factory-299-29, Songnae-dong, Sosa-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

'Unicap-4 Mobile PLUS (+) apply for The New Device Paten(10-2006-0028614)

Take part in Gyeonggi-do  China Market Excavation

Selected for On-line Market sponsered Company- SBC

Take part in Korea's Good Prodcut Show-SMBA

Selected for Incubating Overseas-branch(Bejing, KOTRA)

HongKong Elecctionics Show-Autumn Edition

HongKong Design&Expo.

'Unicap-3 Mobile PLUS (+)' Secure Patent(2004-0010679)

Korea Good Product Show- Madrid Spain

HongKong China Source Fair


Contract for Export-Cooperation with  JEC Technologies Inc. in U.S.A

Contract for Export-Cooperation with 4DCulture in Korea