-General Description


Unicap1 Mobile PLUS+ is a USB charger & USB DATA communication that can be not only charge mobilephone, do USB communication but also use usb Flash memory and battery.   This product are available in industry TTA STANDARD 24-PIN(18pins GPRS available), making them extremely well suited for space-constrained, portable applications such as PDAs, cell phones and other handheld products.

  - Applications

PDAs and Palmtops
Digital Still Cameras
Mp3 Players
Hand-Held Computer

  - Features

-Charging, Using USB port

 You can charge mobilephone, and internal battery.

- R/W Directly from USB FLASH Memory
You can retrieve or store files in the device as a hard disk.
The read/write operation of the device is the same as that of a hard disk.
-Data communication,
Using USB Port ( Usable USB2.0, 1.1)
LED Display will show the status of the device. Once the device is in operation,
the LED will be turned on.
-Using KOREA TTA Standard 24Pins
(GPRS 18Pins available) Mobilephone Jack

* Wireless Data Communication
It is possible to connect the product to your mobile phone and login internet in
the region where wireless communication is possible.
* You can send, store and delete various kind of file such as movable image,
phone directory, the management of the day program and so on which your
phone provides, between Memory and your mobile phone

  - Specifications

- Interface: USB 2.0(USB1.1 Available)

- Charging TimeInternal Battery: 30Minutes,    Mobile Phone: 2~3Hour

- Internal Battery: 3.7V, 210mA li-Polymer

- USB Flash Memory: 256Mb/512Mb/1Gb

- Phone To Computer Communication: CDMA 2000* EVDO 2.4Mbps (GPRS 20~40 Kbit/s available)

 - Program: Sync

- Communication signal: Green Right

- Mobile phone Communication: PLUG&PLAY

- Program: Sync  

- Connector : Mobile Phone Junction: KOREA TTA Standard 24Pins  (GPRS 18Pin available)

- USB Junction: USB Jack

- OS Support: Wnidows98/SE/2000/XP Windows CE3.0,  Mac OS 9.0 & Higher, Linux2.4 Above